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This strategy is the exact opposite of the martingale trick. Just like the Paroli streak, once you have successfully established your first two consecutive wins, you Increase your stake size but be sure it8217;s on a winning streak and not a losing streak. So, you can stake 50% of your wins from your previous successful rolls, and this method is quite effective and safe. It gives you the opportunity of having at least 50% of your last recorded win even if you lose your staked 50%. Bitcoin dice games are straightforward if you can adopt these strategies and simple tricks. You can make more than 200% even as a newbie if you understand the concept and use them effectively. In the game poker dice with bitcoin, instead of dots, card signs are drawn on the dice: ace, king, queen, etc. Gamblers throw 5 dice, the winner will be the one who manages to collect the strongest poker combination on the Learn more dice. A maximum of 4 throws for each player. This dice game bitcoin is well suited for those who love poker but do not like to wait long. The combinations and odds of being won remain the same, but the speed of the game increases.